The video’s I have of the Lake Buggy boats in action are the one on the main page and those listed below. The one on the main page is of the one seat design built a few years ago and being driven by a friend of the builder, James Robinson, and who had never driven one before. Mr. Robinson said that the ride was just a “slow cruse” speed but he assures everyone that in very shallow water the boat runs like a scalded cat. In addition he told me “I had a blast making the boat and it’s performance exceeded my expectations”. His boat was powered by a Honda GX390 13hp with a 42×18 prop from rnd props.

The one below was built in 2013 by a guy named Les McGee. The prop is 42”x24″, the motor is a 15hp predator motor from Harbor freight and pushes the boat at 25-30 mph. Les has three video’s of his boat and made them into a kind of adventure file set, which is fun and kind of cool. I’m not sure I have the order right, but I think I do. Thanks Les!

This one below is a custom job that he decided to make out of aluminum.

The next two video’s are of the two man boat, and taken from the drivers view.

If you don’t think the small airboat can be fun, just watch the race video below.

One more video to give you a nice long view of the boat in operation…


If you have a video somewhere of one of the Lake Buggy Airboats I will be glad to feature your boat too.

2 Responses to Video’s

  1. John Barenger says:

    Hi Bob,
    I just bought your plans and when I build my boat i’ll be sure to take a load of photo’s for you. This looks like it will be a load of fun from the looks of that video you have. Is that you?

  2. bob says:

    In the video? No, that is a friend of the guy that built the boat in the video.