1 Seat Design Spec’s:

[Single Seat Specifications]
Now you can quickly and easily build your own airboat for about $500



* Length of hull 7 ft. 10 in
* Length overall 8 ft. 5 in.
* Depth of hull 9 3/8 in
* Height overall 53 in.
* Width 4 ft. 0 in.

(Using 8 hp Brigs & Stratton)                          (Using 10 hp Tecumseh)

Empty weight 150 lbs.                                   Empty weight 152 lbs.
Useful load 200 lbs.                                       Useful load 215 lbs.
Prop 36 X 16 airboat type                             Prop 42 X 12 airboat type
[Fuel capacity 1 gal. = 2 hrs. running time]
(All data is based on the use of the listed motors, however, you can substitute other motors if needed)


(8 hp. motor)                                    (10 hp. motor)
In shallow water
170 lb. operator 25 mph.                             170 lb. operator 28+ mph
200 lb. operator 20 mph.                             200 lb. operator 25 mph.

In deep water
170 lb. operator 20 mph.                             170 lb. operator 25 mph.
200 lb. operator 15 mph.                             200 lb. operator 22 mph.


The shallower or calmer the water, the better an airboat performs. Heavy operators may find it hard to get up on plane in deep fresh water. If you find this to be a problem, start out in shallow water along the shore, then after the boat is planing, proceed out to deeper water. Even though the speeds of the airboat seem a little slow, I assure you that when you are out there on the water with nothing around you BUT water you will feel they are perfectly adequate. Also, keep in mind that YOU can go where others can’t. So have fun and always wear your PFD equipment.

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This boat has been designed the best it can to be a safe and reliable product.However, should you choose to build and operate it, you do so at your own risk. We strongly recommend that you read all the instructions first before starting to make the boat, and practice good safety at all times.


Airboatfun Productions assumes no liability in connection with this product or your use of it should you decide to build the airboat. We are only providing the plans as an educational material. All rights to the plans are reserved by Airboatfun and protected under United States Copyright Laws.

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