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Lake Buggy Airboats!

Here is some help on finding Prop’s and Motors


Here is some help on getting a prop since you are probably going to have a little difficulty finding one at a local swap-meet or a used one at your local airport repair shop. These people offer all types of props at very good prices. The prop I bought 30+ years ago cost around $250.00. I’m not sure what this company sells the same prop for now, but I’ll bet it’s a heck of a lot less. The company is Arrow Prop and you can visit their site at for prop’s specifically made for small motor airboats. They have a very good web site with tons of information. I hope you will keep me posted on your air boat project and let me know how it turns out.Arrow Prop can also help you with finding a proper hub for your prop’s.


Finding a used motor for your air boat to save costs is the best thing you can do, but that’s not always easy… especially for the Lloyd 20 hp which is very hard to find. Fortunately there are alternatives due to the versatility of the boat designs.

For the single seater boats that use the 8 hp Briggs & Stratton or 10 hp Tecumseh, which are plentiful, I recommend that you just do a search on the web as there are many sources out there with competing prices. Before you buy a new one though, you should really check to see what the seller has in a used one. You might just save yourself a lot of bucks. Be sure to check locally at swap-meets, lawn mower shops, and yard sales first. Harbor Freight also has some good motor’s that people have been using.

For the two seater boat, that was designed with a 20 hp Lloyd motor, you have several options. Although the Lloyd was originally used, you can substitute just about any 2 cycle – 2 cylinder motor for use on this boat. Again, Harbor Freight also has some good motor’s that people have been using, or, a search on the web might be your best bet for finding what you need at a price you can live with. This is open to your option due to the platform for the motor. Some people have told me that they even used small motorcycle engines and ultra-lite engines. Just remember that whatever you use, you need to try and limit the RPM’s to the recommended speed due to the power drop off which is explained in the plans. Again be sure to check locally at swap-meets, lawn mower shops, small engine repair shops, and yard sales first.

Good luck with your boat, and look for deals before buying.


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