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Now you can build your own airboat!

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Have you ever wanted one of those fun Mini airboats?

Well, with our Airboat Plans you can have one of your own, and without spending thousands of dollars for it. Just build a mini airboat yourself with simple tools you have, and materials you can get right from your local hardware store! You don’t have to go through trying to figure out how to design an airboat yourself, just follow our Air Boat Plans. These are not free plans, but they are very inexpensive especially if you look at the price of Southern Airboat companies that charge thousands for a boat.

The Lake Buggy has become very popular with both fishermen and general water enthusiasts because they are EASY to build, VERY affordable, and FUN to use. The airboat motors are small everyday ones you can get just about anywhere and are not the big airboat engines you have to use on a commercial boat.

They were developed to fill the need for a small, simple, home built boat for recreational use. The airboat design was incorporated to make it versatile (can be operated in deep water, or in shallow and vegetation filled waters), and to REDUCE COST. When you consider that a manufactured airboat for sale will run you thousands and thousands of dollars then there is no comparison to our airboat parts plans.

We have airboat kit plans for both a single seater and a two man airboat, so you are sure to find one that you like… although many people own both once they see how fun and easy they are to make. The plans cover building the airboat hull, propeller cage and all the controls.

Why just paddle around your lake, stream, or river when you can be out there zipping around on your very own airboat! Look, if you want to be out there on the water without spending gobs of cash then this is the answer for you. Go ahead and check out the specs and the construction example. I’m confident that once you have, you will want to order plans for your very own AIRBOAT!

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You simply couldn’t ask for better deals on these simple to build Airboats!


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